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Leadership Team

The Campaign is governed by a Leadership Team of more than 60 community leaders that have been meeting monthly since July 2010. The Campaign Leadership Team signifies an unprecedented dedication and coordination of the efforts and expertise of community leaders to spur the ending of homelessness in downtown San Diego.

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WeALLCount 2014

Every year, communities across the country participate in WeALLCount (Point-in-Time Count)—an event in which volunteers count and interview sheltered and unsheltered homeless individuals.  The Point-in-Time Count allows San Diego County to gather information on homelessness in the region, providing useful data for organizations interested in understanding, addressing, and solving homelessness in San Diego.

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Blitz Week 2012

In 2012, the Leadership Team and collaborative partners of the Campaign to End Homelessness in Downtown San Diego implemented “Blitz Week” which successfully housed one hundred (100)  homeless persons from the streets of Downtown San Diego in time for the winter holidays. Eighty-six (86) of these formerly homeless persons were enrolled and housed in just three days. The Campaign is demonstrating that, working together, the San Diego community can house, support, and end homelessness.

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Registry Week 2010

The Campaign had its public launch with the Downtown San Diego Registry Week from September 19 through September 24, 2010. During that week, volunteer survey teams comprised of 240 people systematically canvassed every part of downtown and counted 1,040 homeless people – 737 of whom participated in a detailed survey that used the 100,000 Homes Campaign’s Vulnerability Index to identify people at high risk of dying if they remain homeless.

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