Goals and Accomplishments

2014 Accomplishments

November 2014

President and CEO of SDHC Richard Gentry, Mayor Kevin Faulconer and City Council President Gloria announced $200 million, five-point action plan: Housing First–San Diego to end homelessness in San Diego.

September 2014

The local 25 Cities Initiative completes its first 100-Day Campaign in downtown San Diego.

August 2014

USICH, HUD, and VA released new national estimates that show Veteran homelessness has declined 33 percent since 2010.

July 2014

The Campaign to End Homelessness in Downtown San Diego celebrates its fourth anniversary. To date, the Campaign has taken over 1,150 formerly homeless individuals off the streets in Downtown San Diego.

June 2014

The 100,000 Homes Campaign exceeds its goal of housing 100,000 homeless individuals by July 2014.

The local 25 Cities Initiative launches its first 100-Day Campaign in downtown San Diego.

California voters approved Proposition 41, which reallocates $600 million in existing (unused) bond funds to programs to prevent and end veteran homelessness.

May 2014

Homeless advocate and Assembly Majority Leader Toni Atkins was offically sworn-in as the 69th speaker of the California State Assembly.  “If I have a personal priority – it is reducing homelessness and making sure we have affordable housing, not just to house the homeless, but for working Californians as well,” said Atkins in her acceptance remarks.

The Office of Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced his participation in the Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness, which seeks to end veteran homelessness in 2015.

The Port of San Diego reported that calls involving requests for homeless services decreased by 26 percent and their homeless count decreased by 14 percent. The goal of the Board of Commissioners for the San Diego Unified Port District is to reduce homelessness on Port tide lands by 20 percent by July 2014. As of March 31, 2014, they have reached 70 percent of their goal!

Alpha Square Apartments, San Diego’s newest affordable housing community, celebrated its Groundbreaking Ceremony.

April 2014

Data from the 2014 Point-in-Time Count indicates that homelessness has decreased by 4 percent in San Diego County. Further, unsheltered homelessness decreased by 13 percent in San Diego County, 9 percent in the City of San Diego, and 26 percent in downtown San Diego.

Connections Housing celebrated its 1 year anniversary and, to date, has decreased street homelessness by 70 percent within a quarter mile radius of the building.

Mayor Faulconer’s budget preserved Council President Gloria’s proposed $1.9 million for permanent housing solutions that link homeless individuals to housing and supportive services.

March 2014

Newly-elected Mayor Kevin Faulconer highlighted homelessness as a priority issue for his administration in his inaugural speech.

Assembly Majority Leader Atkins was selected to become the next Speaker of the California State Assembly. In her acceptance speech, she noted her commitment to reducing homelessness and increasing funding for affordable housing.

Funders Together to End Homelessness (FTEH) San Diego worked on finalizing their goals for 2014.

Jennifer LeSar highlighted the importance of ‘Housing First’ in efforts to end chronic homelessness in a podcast with the Voice of San Diego (VOSD).

Eight representatives from leading agencies in San Diego joined the 25 Cities initiative, a national leadership team workshop intended to accelerate the process of ending Veteran and chronic homelessness.

February 2014

A 60 Minutes segment on the 100,000 Homes Campaign prompted a national discussion on the importance of utilizing the national best practice of ‘Housing First’ in efforts to end homelessness.

January 2014

The Port of San Diego established an agreement with Alpha Project and donated $50,000 to link homeless individuals in the San Diego Port tide lands to services and to further research the next steps for addressing homelessness in the area.

Interim Mayor Todd Gloria pledged to end homelessness in downtown San Diego by 2016.

Point-in-Time Count reached a record number of volunteers. Approximately 1,300 people participated in the event including an increase in the number of elected officials.

2014 Goals

By 2016

End chronic street homelessness in Downtown San Diego.

By 2015

End chronic and veteran homelessness nationwide.

By September 2014

The goal of the local San Diego 25 Cities Initiative is to place 150 veterans and 100 chronically homeless individuals in housing.

By July 2014

The Board of Commissioners for the San Diego Unified Port District seeks to reduce homelessness on Port tide lands by 20%, which would decrease the number of homeless individuals in the area from 131 to 105 by July 2014.