Our Work

With an unprecedented level of collaboration and coordination of collective resources, the Campaign to End Homelessness in Downtown San Diego Campaign is clearly demonstrating that, working together, the San Diego community can house, support, and end the homelessness of our most vulnerable community members.

Phase 1, the initial Pilot Program to house 125 people, was completed in 2011.

Phase 2, the Implementation Phase to institutionalize our efforts, has now been completed with the conclusion of Blitz Week in November 2012 and the report out of those efforts in December 2012.

Phase 3, “Taking Efforts to Scale” to completely end homelessness in downtown, is in the planning process for roll out in 2013.

Watch our at our Registry Week and Blitz Week Videos or read our 2012 Annual Report to learn more about the Campaign’s story to date!  

Cover Image of 2012 Annual Report _ Campaign to End Homelessness in Downtown San Diego (2)