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endinghomessnesslogoThe Campaign to End Homelessness in Downtown San Diego (the “Campaign”) is a place-based strategy to end homelessness in downtown San Diego.

Phase 1, the initial Pilot Program to house 125 people, was completed in 2011.  Phase 2, the Implementation Phase to institutionalize our efforts, has now been completed with the conclusion of Blitz Week in November 2012 and the report out of those efforts in December 2012.    We continue to monitor performance metrics and results of both of these two efforts, and are overseeing a research project to document the public costs savings of helping people leave life on the streets.

Phase 3, “Taking Efforts to Scale” to completely end homelessness in downtown, is in the planning process for roll out in 2013.

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Coordinated with the national 100,000 Homes Campaign, the Downtown Campaign is a collaborative effort spearheaded by lead business partner, Downtown San Diego Partnership (DSDP), in partnership with the VA San Diego Healthcare System; the County of San Diego and its Health and Human Services Agency (HHSA); the City of San Diego and its two key agencies, the San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) and Civic San Diego, formerly the Centre City Development Corporation (CCDC) that served as the downtown redevelopment agency; LeSar Development Consultants, the Campaign initiator and coordinator; and the United Way of San Diego, the County’s regional leadership entity on ending homelessness.

The Campaign’s efforts are aligned with the following federal, state and local multi-year plans, all of which advocate the “Housing First” model:

The Campaign had its public launch with the 2010 Downtown San Diego Registry Week from September 19 through September 24, 2010.  During that week, volunteer survey teams comprised of 240 people systematically canvassed every part of downtown and counted 1,040 homeless people – 737 of whom participated in a detailed survey that used the 100,000 Homes Campaign’s Vulnerability Index to identify people at high risk of dying if they remain homeless.

The Campaign is governed by a Leadership Team of more than 60 community leaders that has been meeting monthly since 2010.  This diverse and multi-sector group includes representatives from the downtown business community; Federal, State and local public sector agencies; City, County, State and Federal elected and appointed officials; experts in homelessness planning and affordable and supportive housing development; veterans advocates; healthcare and medical service providers; philanthropic organizations; and representatives from academic and research institutions.

The Campaign Leadership Team is led by the Downtown San Diego Partnership (DSDP) and coordinated by LeSar Development Consultants.

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