The Campaign’s Structure: Collective Impact

meetingA major reason the Campaign to End Homelessness in Downtown San Diego has been so successful is the implementation of the Collective Impact model.

Collective Impact is the commitment of a widely varied and multi-disciplinary group of leaders who come together to solve a complex social problem – in this case, homelessness. By working together on a shared goal, participants can realize solutions and achievements on a large scale.

The underlying notion of collective impact is that no single person, group or entity can create lasting social change alone.

For collective impact to work, all participants must:

  1. Coalesce around a common agenda
  2. Agree on how to measure progress
  3. Coordinate a mutually reinforcing plan of action
  4. Engage in frequent and structured open communication
  5. Foster backbone support from a dedicated staff

“I am proud of the incredibly talented and dedicated Leadership Team we’ve assembled,” said Jennifer LeSar, the Campaign’s Co-Chair. “Using the Collective Impact model, we’ve mobilized an impressive group of C-level executives and their staffs representing a broad range of public- and private-sector interests. They’ve all subscribed to a common agenda to solve a specific social problem: homelessness.”

See more on the future of Collective Impact later in this newsletter.