The Campaign Leadership Team: A Table of Visionaries

Aristotle famously said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” The Campaign to End Homelessness in Downtown San Diego embodies that sentiment.

The Campaign has brought together San Diego’s public, private, government and nonprofit sectors for the first time, working together on the premise that ending homelessness in downtown San Diego is critical to a thriving economy, as well as a vibrant living and working environment.

Kris Michell, President and CEO of the Downtown San Diego Partnership and Campaign Co-Chair, speaking at the Campaign’s December meeting, thanked a long list of key players who made invaluable contributions to the Campaign over the years.

The list of those recognized by Michell included Jennifer LeSar, Congressman Scott Peters, the Veterans Administration, Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins, the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, San Diego City Councilmember Todd Gloria and his policy aide, Jessica Lawrence; Kevin Crawford, President and CEO of the United Way of San Diego; Rick Gentry, SDHC President and CEO; Melissa Peterman of SDHC, the City of San Diego, SDPD’s HOT team, the Port of San Diego, healthcare advocates and 211.

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