Reflecting on the Campaign’s Accomplishments

The Campaign to End Homelessness in Downtown San Diego has an impressive string of accomplishments to its credit. Here are the highlights:


  • Registry Week: The Campaign sent nearly 250 volunteers onto the streets of downtown in September 2010 and counted 1,040 homeless people – 737 of whom participated in a detailed survey that used the 100,000 Homes’ Vulnerability Index to identify people at high risk of dying of on the street.  Nearly 150 people were housed through this effort.
  • Blitz Week: Just in time for the winter holidays of 2012, the Campaign housed nearly 100 homeless; most of them in just three days.  This effort institutionalized unprecedented coordination among federal, County and City partners, who came together to leverage available resources and enroll these now formerly homeless individuals into wraparound case management services.
  • Work Plan Completion: The Campaign launched an ambitious work plan in 2014 that centered on the following goals: End all street homelessness in downtown San Diego by 2016, develop and implement a Coordinated Entry System, improve data collection and database utilization, and align and develop resources to end homelessness in downtown. Accomplishments from the Work Plan include:
    • Downtown San Diego “take-down” target of 9,487, or 264 per month;
    • Alpha Project’s successful implementation of the Coordinated Entry System to assess over 3,000 homeless in the single adult emergency shelter;
    • All partners have signed onto a single HMIS System.

Jennifer LeSar, Campaign Co-Chair, also mentioned the following accomplishments of Campaign partners at the December meeting:

  • Funders Together to End Homelessness: This group has raised almost $1 million.
  • San Diego Housing Commission:  A $200 million, five-point action plan to combat homelessness.

“The infrastructure you have put in place is putting people on the path to stable housing,” LeSar said. “Thank you to all who have stepped forward to join (the Campaign). I have loved being part of this and look forward to continuing to work with you.”