Campaign Leaders Endorse Migrating Efforts to Support and Engage with the RCCC

For 2015, the coordinators of the Campaign to End Homelessness in Downtown San Diego have recommended that the Campaign migrate its people-power to support and engage with the Regional Continuum of Care Council (RCCC).RCCC Logo

The Governance Board acts on RCCC’s behalf and is representative of the relevant organizations and of projects serving homeless subpopulations within the San Diego Region. The RCCC Board is charged with important responsibilities and authorities on behalf of the community of stakeholders. Representation of a broader array of stakeholders on the RCCC Board will enhance the capacity to coordinate and leverage resources from various community sectors throughout the San Diego Region.

The RCCC is a collaborative community group consisting of representatives of the 18 cities within the County, nonprofit service providers and other interested parties.  The RCCC meets on a monthly basis to identify gaps in homeless services, establish funding priorities, and to pursue an overall systemic approach to addressing homelessness.

Kris Michell, President and CEO of the Downtown San Diego Partnership and Co-Chair of the Campaign, recommended at the December meeting that the Campaign be folded into the RCCC, allowing members to participate in RCCC activities on a regional scale, but still maintaining a tactical approach downtown.

“The goal has always been to benefit the entire region,” Michell said. “Today is the day we make it a reality by transitioning to a regional table.”

Kevin Crawford, president and CEO of the United Way of San Diego, voiced agreement with that vision.

The RCCC has five committees in need of volunteers: Sub-Populations/Coordinated Intake, Data, Evaluation, Fundraising, and Nominations/Selections.

In January, Michell and Nancy Sasaki will convene a meeting with the goal of encouraging Campaign participants to participate in the RCCC Committees.