A Multi-Phased Plan of Attack

black and white handsThe Campaign to End Homelessness in Downtown San Diego was carefully built around a multi-phased plan of attack. Here is how the campaign grew and matured over time

Phase 1: The Pilot Phase
The first phase started with a relatively humble goal: End homelessness for 125 people in downtown San Diego. The result: Fifteen percent of the downtown street homeless population, or 146 people, were housed in the campaign’s first year.

Phase 2: The Institutionalization
The second phase sought to build on the successes and lessons learned from Phase 1. In Phase 2, the goal was to house an additional 100 homeless people and institutionalize our coordination strategies. The result: The campaign housed 92 homeless persons in just three days and reached full capacity of 100 housed in early 2013.

Phase 3: Take Efforts to Scale
The goal for Phase 3 is to end homelessness for the remaining 800 people in downtown San Diego and the 400 people in its immediate environs. The objective: Raise public and private capital to fund appropriate housing and support services, and cover expenses, to end homelessness in Downtown San Diego.

Phase 4: Regionalization
In the campaign’s final phase, the goal is to regionalize the Campaign’s proven methodology to end homelessness in San Diego County. We have more on this phase later in this newsletter.