HOT Team Receives Alonzo Award, Standing Ovation for Homeless Outreach

HOT Team

The San Diego Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) was honored with the 2014 Vic Kops Humanitarian Award at the San Diego Downtown Partnership’s annual Alonzo Awards this month.

The HOT team received the award – and a standing ovation – for its work to improve the lives of San Diego’s homeless population in Downtown.

The HOT team helps implement the tremendously successful Serial Inebriate Program, which provides a targeted solution for chronically homeless who have been arrested numerous times for public intoxication. The program offers substance abuse treatment as an alternative to jail time.

The HOT team works in partnership with nonprofits Mental Health Systems and St. Vincent de Paul Village’s Family Health Center, which provide funds and necessary substance abuse treatment to help chronically homeless individuals break the cycle of intoxication arrests.

HOT team members provide the boots on the ground by actively patrolling Downtown for chronically homeless individuals who need assistance in rebuilding their lives.

You can watch the award video here.

Congratulations to the HOT team for this much-deserved award!