United Way Responds to Displacement of Homeless Individuals

UWSDIn April 2014, the San Diego River Park Foundation opened a new bike path along the San Diego River as part of the City of San Diego’s master bike plan. The parkway system allows bikers and pedestrians to travel from Ocean Beach to Mission Valley and Interstate 805. Although this project was supported with much fanfare from the mobility advocacy community, it has displaced many homeless individuals from their riverbed encampments. Now the question arises; where will these people go?

United WayUnited Way leaders understand that to stop the cycle of transient living, a more permanent solution must be put in place

“We need to find them Permanent Supportive Housing,” said Shaina Gross, vice president of United Way. “Nationally, we know that supportive housing is the best practice. It isn’t a temporary solution, it is long-term. It’s as permanent as the name implies and it brings individuals all the services that they need in order to be successful.”

We applaud United Way’s continued advocacy for ending chronic homelessness by using best practices to move individuals off the streets and into more productive and dignified lives.

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