Downtown San Diego Partnership Monthly Homeless Count Update

RTFHIn April 2014, the Regional Task Force on the Homeless (RTFH) released its findings on the data collected from the 2014 Point-in-Time Count (also known as WeALLCount), which is an annual comprehensive count of sheltered and unsheltered homeless individuals.

Findings indicated that the total homeless population has decreased by four percent in San Diego County and nine percent in the City of San Diego. Further, this data found a 26 percent decrease in unsheltered homeless in Downtown San Diego (see the map to the left).

The Downtown San Diego Partnership’s (DSDP’s) Clean and Safe DSDPprogram conducts their own monthly homeless count in the downtown footprint (shown in the map to the right). Their data suggests that homelessness in the area has increased by 14 percent (from 517 in 2013 to 589 total homeless individuals in 2014).

DSDP’s Clean and Safe program tracks the inflow of homelessness to gain an understanding of why people are entering at such a high rate. Community partners and staff of the Clean and Safe Program will now be asking three additional questions to help inform reasons for increased homelessness in the downtown area. The following questions are now included in their survey:

  1. Where did you come from?
  2. How did you get here and who paid for your trip?
  3. How long have you been here?

We will report back with any progress that DSDP makes in learning more about homelessness in Downtown San Diego.