$1.6 Billion Allocation Announced for Homeless Programs

HUD- 1.6 billionEarlier this month, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Shaun Donovan announced the allocation of $1.6 billion in renewal grants through HUD’s Continuum of Care Program. “The funding renews support for a total of 7,100 programs that provide housing and support services to people and families experiencing homelessness. This funding is for renewals of existing programs that HUD grantees placed in tier one of their applications, but not for new (reallocated) programs, or for programs in tier two. HUD will release those at another time.”

Donovan stated, “Over the last few years we have changed the trajectory of homelessness in America, but we need bipartisan support from Congress to fully fund proven strategies that have created this downward trend. The evidence is clear that the cost of doing nothing far exceeds the cost of finding real housing solutions for those who might otherwise be living on our streets.”

San Diego will receive $14,194,879 for FY 2013. Last year, HUD awarded $1.5 billion for Tier 1 programs, and San Diego received $15,511,675. Essentially, HUD is awarding a greater overall amount this year, but San Diego is receiving approximately $1.3 million less than last year.