Celebrating 1 Year of Connections Housing

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Today we celebrated the 1st anniversary of Connections Housing in Downtown San Diego. This service and residential community has successfully reduced street homelessness in the downtown neighborhoods by helping the homeless move into permanent housing.

San Diego City Council President Todd Gloria said, “in its first year, this year-round homeless services center has made a positive impact, including reducing street homeless by 70% within a quarter mile of the building. I’m hopeful we can expand this results-focused project in other parts of our city.”

Take a closer look at the success of Connections Housing in ending chronic homelessness (all of this was accomplished in just 1 year):

  • 70% decrease in street homelessness within quarter mile radius of Connections Housing
  • 98% housing retention rate sustained for 89 on-site permanent supportive housing units
  • 69% placement rate into permanent and longer-term housing achieved for individuals who have exited the PATH/Alpha Interim Housing Program
  • 15,000 service appointments provided in the PATH Depot Multi-Service Center
  • 123 homeless veterans assisted with securing employment
  • 12,000 medical and mental health visits provided by Family Health Centers of San Diego_photo 2

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