New Location for Transitional Storage Center for the Homeless

Rick & ToddIn a press conference last week, Interim Mayor Todd Gloria and Rick Gentry, President and CEO of the San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC), announced that the homeless Transitional Storage Center will be relocated from its nonpermanent site in a parking lot owned by St. Vincent de Paul Village to a paved lot owned by SDHC in downtown San Diego.

It is estimated that the storage center provides a safe place for up to 350 homeless individuals to store their belongings throughout the year.

“The storage center has taken literally tons of objects and belongings off of our streets and out of our canyons and in some instances, homeless individuals have been able to get jobs and other needed assistance because they were no longer having to lug all of their belongings with them,” said iMayor Todd Gloria.

Prior to SDHC’s decision to lease its paved-lot for this storage center, there were questions about what would happen to the Transitional Storage Center as a result of its nonpermanent location.

“I am very pleased to announce that the Housing Commission has determined a location for a stable permanent home for the homeless storage center. That location is a paved lot that the Housing Commission does own that is currently being used to house cars. What better transition than to move from housing cars to housing the possessions of the most vulnerable of our population,” said Rick Gentry, President and CEO of SDHC.

SDHC hopes to establish a lease agreement with the Girls Think Tank for this homeless storage facility by May of 2014.