SDHC Releases Report on Project Homeless Connect

SDHCIn late January, the San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) released a report on the data gathered at Downtown San Diego’s 8th Project Homeless Connect (PHC) in December of 2013.

Project Homeless Connect is an event designed to provide homeless individuals with key services in one location for one day. In 2013, over 850 individuals attended PHC and were provided with the opportunity to receive a number of services, including health care, haircuts, information on housing assistance, and California identification cards.

“PHC provided an important opportunity for homeless individuals to begin the process of ending their homelessness and rebuilding their lives, engaging them in a process to help them learn about housing programs, mental health services, substance abuse counseling and other services,” said Rick Gentry, President and CEO of SDHC.

SDHC’s report on PHC indicates that 81.3 percent of the attendees were single; 61.1 percent were men; and 58.5 percent fell between the age range of 41 and 60. More than 38 percent of the individuals who participated in PHC were living on the streets and over 85 percent were unemployed.

To learn more about Project Homeless Connect, watch this video.