California Homelessness Legislation

CA LegThe Veterans Housing and Homelessness Prevention Bond Act of 2014—which was introduced as AB 639 and signed by Governor Brown in October of 2013—will now be up for public vote as Proposition 41 on the June ballot. The bill is intended to provide greater assistance to homeless veterans.

Last month, Assemblymembers Brian Maienschein and Mark Stone introduced two bills in efforts to make modifications to the CalWORKS Temporary Homeless Assistance Program, which provides temporary and permanent homeless assistance to homeless individuals.

Maienschein’s AB 264 proposes that rather than giving homeless individuals a one-time opportunity to receive assistance for a maximum of 16 consecutive days, they are granted roll-over days if the individuals seeking assistance do not exhaust the number of days they are provided all at one time.

Stone’s AB 1452 intends to increase the amount of monetary assistance that families receive on a daily basis by $10 and is designed to allow for the modification of this number in the future to more adequately match the cost of living.