Interim Mayor Todd Gloria Announces Strategy to Address Homelessness

WellAllCount2013_25_resizedThis morning, Interim Mayor Todd Gloria unveiled his strategy to “better utilize the City of San Diego’s limited resources to help end homelessness.”

His proposal allocates the same amount of General Funds for FY2015 homelessness efforts ($1.9 million), but shifts focus toward solution-oriented approaches toward addressing homelessness in San Diego.

His proposal outlines seven key strategies, which include: enhancing two of San Diego’s winter shelter programs; creating a coordinated system of intake and assessment; and expanding the Serial Inebriate Program (SIP).

Interim Mayor Todd Gloria has also proposed to allocate funds for enhancing the Homeless Outreach Team (HOT) and services provided by the Neil Good Day Center. In addition, he has recommended that funding be provided to Connections Housing and the Homeless Transitional Storage Center.

To view Interim Mayor Todd Gloria’s full budget strategy for homelessness solutions, click here.