Budget Bill for Fiscal Year 2014 Passed by Congress


On January 13, the Appropriations Committee of the House of Representatives released its budget for Fiscal Year 2014. The budget includes an increase in funding for Section 8, public housing, and housing programs.

It designates $26.3 billion to Public and Indian Housing, which are $411 million more than were included in the budget for fiscal year 2013. The budget allocates funding assistance for the 2.2 million Housing Choice Voucher program recipients and adds $75 million for 10,000 vouchers to be granted to Veterans. The Committee allotted $10.5 billion for housing programs, which is $561 million more than was available in 2013. The funding formula for Community Development Block Grants will be granted $3 billion, which reflects an $82 million increase in funding support.

Community Planning and Development programs suffered from reduction of $145 million compared to last year’s numbers, leaving only $6.6 billion available.

Last Friday, the Senate passed the budget and it now goes to President Obama for his approval. Passage of this bill prevents a looming government shutdown from occurring in the immediate future.