Transitional Housing in San Diego Faces an Uncertain Future

Photo Credit: CityBeat San Diego

Photo Credit: CityBeat San Diego

There are currently more than 2,000 transitional housing beds in San Diego County for homeless families and single adults. However, an article published last month by Kelly Davis of the San Diego CityBeat reported transitional housing’s shortcomings.

In 2012, nearly one-third of HUD funded transitional-housing programs in San Diego County saw unsuccessful exits in 2012. “Leaving one transitional program to enter another or back on the street is considered by HUD to be an unsuccessful outcome.”

According to CityBeat, HUD recently announced that transitional “programs should aim to move 80 percent of their clients into permanent housing.” If programs don’t meet this goal, their funding might be reduced and region-wide homelessness funding could be jeopardized.

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