Escondido City Council Debating Homeless Shelter Rules

EscondidoAt the end of October, Escondido City Council members decided to change eligible locations for emergency homeless shelters, allotting a single area near the city border as the only place where new shelters can be built. Due to the complaints of homeless advocates, merchants, and residents in the designated location, however, council members were compelled to promise this would not be a lasting decision. According to the

San Diego Union-Tribune, City Planner Jay Petrek does not anticipate the City expanding location options until next summer, “because the city’s plan for next year must be submitted to the state by Dec. 12 – and there’s no time to analyze alternative locations before then.” In the meantime, it is unlikely that a new shelter will be opened in the designated location, due to its long distance from downtown, which is where the most people experiencing homelessness in Escondido are located.