State Update: Housing and Homelessness Bills Head to the Governor

Multiple bills related to affordable housing and homelessness have been passed out of the State Legislature to Governor Brown, who has until October 13 to either sign or veto them. Here is a rundown of the key bills we have been following:

  •  Assembly Bill 639 (Perez), the Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Act, has been sent to the Governor. This bill would require a public vote in order to repurpose $600 million Proposition 12 funds to create multifamily affordable and supportive housing for veterans who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
  •  Assembly Bill 361 (Mitchell), the Health Home Bill, which would fund services in supportive housing through the Affordable Care Act, is heading to the Governor.
  • Senate Bill 347 (Beall), which would protect youth shelter funding, has passed the Legislature and is awaiting consideration by the Governor.
  • Senate Bill 391 (DeSaulnier), the passage of the California Homes and Jobs Act, which would support affordable housing for people experiencing homelessness, has unfortunately been delayed until 2014. We will report on the progress of this legislation next year.