September 30 Campaign Newsletter

Dear Campaign Supporters and Partners:

Last month we provided a deep analysis of the Campaign’s performance metrics and housing outcomes to understand the progress and anticipate next steps toward ending homelessness regionally and nationally. We looked forward to Registry Week in North County, considered lessons learned from the National Alliance to End Homelessness Conference, overviewed critical legislation at the federal and state levels, and recapped President Obama’s focus on veteran homelessness here in San Diego County.

At our September Leadership Team meeting, we held a workshop to chart the course for ending homelessness in Downtown San Diego through 2014. We will continue to create goals and action items in upcoming Leadership Team meetings.

In this month’s newsletter we recognize momentum in the work of local agents and innovators, and track opportunities that State and Federal legislation may bring. We celebrate Kelly Knight of DSDP for her homeless outreach efforts; learn about the trendsetting program that one USD grad student has developed to feed the homeless; look to key upcoming regional events; and clue you in to the way SAMHA and others will be maximizing use of the Affordable Care Act.

We look forward to keeping you up to date on the latest news and policy developments in efforts to end homelessness.


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Robin Madaffer, Co-Chair

Ending Homelessness Campaign Leadership Team

Jennifer LeSar

Ending Homelessness Campaign Coordinator