Federal Update: Obama Speaks on Progress on Ending Veteran Homelessness

In a speech delivered on August 6th in Phoenix, AZ, President Obama noted the significant progress that the country has made in reducing homelessness in communities across the country, particularly among veterans.

“We need to support affordable rental housing and keep up our fight against homelessness,” noted Obama.  “Since I took office we’ve helped bring one in four homeless veterans off the streets…We’ve got to keep going, because nobody in America, and certainly no veteran, should be left to live on the streets.”

President Obama Speaks on Restoring Security to Homeownership
President Obama Speaks on Restoring Security to Homeownership

The speech was mainly focused on restoring security to homeownership, including his ideas for strengthening the housing market and ensuring

that responsible middle class families have access to affordable mortgages and refinancing.  Obama also called for “increased investment in affordable rental housing, and for states and localities to remove local barriers to rental housing development.”  Watch a video of the full speech on the White House website.