Pro Bono Services to Digitize Homeless Survey

We are pleased to announce that the Downtown Campaign has been gifted more than $21,000 of in-kind services by local technology consultant Infotech Systems Management, Inc. 

Infotech will implement a technology solution that will allow our stakeholders to digitally conduct surveys of homeless persons by using tablets that link to a cloud database.  This is an important improvement to the paper surveys used in previous local efforts, including the Point-in-Time Count and our Registry Week and Blitz Week efforts. The new technology will maximize our efficiency to collect and analyze vital data.  Infotech and the Dowtown Campaign are aiming to roll out this technology for Downtown San Diego in Fall 2013.  These efforts will also build a foundation for real-time sharing of homeless data with emergency service providers via the Street Sense platform.  As a result, homeless individuals will receive services more responsive to their needs.