Mayor Remains Committed to Solving Veteran Homelessness

On May 21, Mayor Bob Filner released his May Budget Revise for the City of San Diego.  Within the revised Fiscal Year 2014 budget proposal, the Mayor has requested $600,000 in additional funds to extend the operations of the Veterans Winter Shelter to a year-round program.  His budget states that this funding will supplement the approximately $350,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG) funding proposed for this shelter.  Additionally, “the Mayor is working with Veterans homeless service providers, the Veteran’s Administration and the Veteran Advisory Committee to develop a comprehensive plan to address homelessness among the city’s veteran community.”  The budget proposal also requests an additional $50,000 to maintain the Homeless Storage Check-in Center.  A City Council vote on the budget is scheduled for June 10, and we will report back with updates.