LDC Selected by United Way of San Diego County to Lead Homelessness Efforts

LeSar Development Consulants (“LDC”), is pleased to announce that United Way of San Diego County has selected LDC as their new lead consultant and partner on efforts to end homelessness.

In 2006, United Way of San Diego County, along with countless community partners, finalized the Plan to End Chronic Homelessness in San Diego County (PTECH).  As stewards of PTECH, United Way has been actively building partnerships and relationships with for-profit, not-for-profit, business and government entities who all share the common goal of eliminating homelessness in San Diego County.  Included in this plan is the already successful implementation of Project 25, a three year pilot program that provides permanent housing and supportive services for homeless who have been the most frequent users of public resources.

LeSar Development Consultants has been chosen by United Way to further implement PTECH and advance Project 25 to completion. LDC will also strategize and execute best practices to improve efforts to end homelessness throughout the region.

“Through Project 25, we are proving that the Housing First, Housing Plus model works to save both taxpayer dollars and lives. Now, with LeSar’s help, United Way is in a position to take the next steps in our mission to end chronic homelessness,” said Doug Sawyer, United Way’s President & CEO. “To help us achieve these strategies, we have hired Jennifer LeSar and her team, who bring a depth of experience to this issue.”

LDC serves as the backbone organization and official coordinator for The Campaign to End Homelessness in Downtown San Diego, of which United Way is a key campaign partner. LDC has demonstrated a strong track record for securing resources and spurring political will for ending homelessness in the County of San Diego.

Jennifer LeSar, President and CEO of LeSar Development Consultants, stated “We are honored to continue our work with United Way of San Diego County to change communities and lives by moving the most vulnerable members of our community off the streets and into permanent housing and linking them with rental assistance and supportive services.”