Increased Collaboration around Solving Homelessness at the State Level

We are excited to announce that the Assembly Select Committee on Homelessness, Chaired by Assembly Majority Leader Toni Atkins, has been reauthorized for this fiscal year with additional members.  This year, we have a new San Diego legislator who has joined the committee — Rocky Chávez, who formerly served as Undersecretary of the California Department of Veterans Affairs and was recently appointed to Vice Chair of the Assembly Veterans Affairs Committee.  As reported in the October 2012 Campaign News Edition, Assemblymember Atkins intends to increase the influence of the Committee “by holding joint committee meetings with other Assembly Committees so that there can be focused conversations on linked issues such as homelessness and health; homelessness and housing; and more.”  We will continue to monitor the Select Committee in 2013 and provide details on future hearings.

In addition, Assembly Bill 998, led by Assemblymember Paul Fong and principal coauthor Assemblymember Atkins, has been amended for the third time.  This bill would create an interagency council on homelessness in California, promoting “strong collaboration among governmental departments,” and is currently making its way through the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee.  We will report back on the progress on this important piece of legislation.