Dr. John Nachison, Stand Down, Receives County Board of Supervisors Chairman’s Award

At this month’s annual State of the County Address, Dr. John Nachison, Chief of Psychology at Bayview Psychiatric and Paradise Valley Hospitals and Co-Founder of the Veteran’s Village of San Diego (VVSD)’s Stand Down event, was honored with the Chairman’s Award for the far-reaching success of his work on homelessness as the “driving force behind Stand Down.”Stand Down, which integrates services at one site, has assisted more than 1,000 veterans since its inception twenty-five years ago, and has been replicated in hundreds of other events across the nation.

The award was presented by Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors Greg Cox aboard the historic USS Midway. Chairman Cox spoke on the state of homeless veterans in San Diego, saying, “Homelessness has hit one population especially hard — our returning veterans. San Diego County is unique with regard to veterans. The military is a big part of our history… I am committed to honoring and assisting all of our veterans. This means helping returning veterans find jobs, housing and assistance with social, mental health, alcohol and drug services.”