Blitz Week 2012: Featured Video

The Leadership Team and collaborative partners of the Campaign to End Homelessness in Downtown San Diego successfully housed one hundred (100) homeless persons from the streets of Downtown San Diego in time for the winter holidays. Eighty-six (86) of these formerly homeless persons were enrolled and housed in just three days.

This effort, known as the Campaign’s “Blitz Week”, institutionalized unprecedented coordination between federal, county, and city partners to collaboratively come together and leverage resources. Dedicated permanent supportive housing and case management services were provided from the City and County of San Diego and the VA San Diego Healthcare Systems.  The San Diego Housing Commission and the County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency provided 75 federal housing vouchers paired with 75 slots of wraparound services, targeted to people with mental illnesses and substance abuse challenges. The VA provided 25 federal vouchers for housing and services targeted to homeless veterans.

The Campaign is demonstrating that, working together, the San Diego community can house, support, and end homelessness.

Blitz Week 2012