Special Blitz Week Report!

Blitz Week was a 3 day event that took place from November 13 to 15, during which Campaign partners successfully housed 92 individuals (including 7 families!) from the streets of downtown in time for Thanksgiving, and enrolled these formerly homeless folks into wraparound case management services.  Blitz Week implemented an expedited pre-screening and enrollment process, utilizing the Vulnerability Index survey tool and the existing service provider network to allow for even faster enrollment and housing placement.

The Campaign is pleased to report on the follow demographics of those enrolled during Blitz Week:


Campaign partners have continued to work tirelessly to enroll and house homeless individuals to meet our goal of housing a total of 100 persons in time for the winter holiday.  To date, the Campaign can report:

  • 95 people off the streets through our “Phase 2” efforts (also known as Blitz Week)
  • 142 people off the streets through our “Phase 1” efforts (also known as Registry Week)
  • A total of 237 formerly homeless individuals off the streets through the Campaign’s efforts

Working together, the San Diego community is demonstrating that we can house, support and end homelessness!