Campaign Receives Grant from California Endowment

We are excited to announce that the California Endowment has approved a $130,000 grant to United Way of San Diego County (United Way) for the implementation of a two-year cost-effectiveness study of 125 people housed through the Downtown Campaign’s Phase 1 efforts.  The study will focus on documenting the cost savings and economic benefits generated by providing permanent supportive housing to these formerly homeless individuals.

In implementing this study, the Campaign will build upon the existing local efforts and cost-analysis methodology of Project 25, which is United Way’s Home Again Initiative.  Project 25 provides permanent supportive housing to some of San Diego’s most frequent users of public resources.  The initiative has now placed 32 of its 35 enrollees into permanent housing – several of which are from the downtown streets, and continues to document the pre- and post-housing costs for all 35 enrolled participants, including: ambulance trips; emergency room visits; inpatient hospitalizations; arrests / booking fees; jail days; Psychiatric Emergency Response Team (PERT) visits; crisis house costs; detox costs; and shelter stays.

The partners involved in implementing Project 25’s analysis – including United Way Home Again, Father Joe’s Villages, and the Fermanian Business & Economic Institute at Point Loma Nazarene University – will apply and expand this same analysis to 125 people housed through the Downtown Campaign.  This analysis will document and compare actual pre- and post-housing costs, and assess the economic impact of the cost savings generated.

Demonstrating the cost-effectiveness our housing investments is critical to the Campaign’s success and to generating sustained local support for continued investments into permanent supportive housing.  We will report back as the study progresses!